Kevin Fowler Jabs Pop Country Music in ‘Sellout Song’ Video


Let’s be honest, the country music industry can be ridiculous in its factory-like production of hits.

The industry often forces artists to dress a certain way and record songs with dumbed-down, keyword-stuffed lyrics and constantly recycled melodies, all in pursuit of cash-grabbing hit songs. After all, it is a business. But after so many similar sounding songs and cookie-cutter stars, it becomes a comical business. Everybody is aware of it, but few popular artists point it out.

Leave it to Texas stars Kevin Fowler and Zane Williams to take a comical jab at the contemporary country music industry. In the video for their new duet “Sellout Song,” you’ll see the common tropes of the music videos: hot girls in bikinis, bros dressed like wannabe rap stars, absurd light displays and more. Look for cameos by Texas favorites Randy Rogers and Casey Donahew.

The video premiered yesterday on Taste of Country, and Fowler offered up some words about the nature of the song.

“This song isn’t really making fun of any artists,” Fowler said. “It mostly pokes fun at an industry that tries to tell artists how they should look or what songs they should record. It’s a fun song about making fun of ourselves as an industry. It’s not mean spirited. It’s humor. After all, if you can’t make fun of yourself who can you make fun of?”

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Fowler is currently working on a new album, which will feature “Sellout Song.” He recently premiered the song along with three other tracks on his website. Since its release, the track has been getting heavy rotation on Sirius XM’s The Highway. Judging by the song’s initial reception, it seems like fans can enjoy a laugh at how ridiculous the business can be. Hopefully, the business can too.

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Kevin Fowler Jabs Pop Country Music in ‘Sellout Song’ Video