Kenny Rogers on Beards, Retirement, ‘Kennyland’ and Donald Trump

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Kenny Rogers recently dished on everything from starting his own theme park to his opinion of Donald Trump.

In the US version of The Guardian, Rogers said, “I love what [Donald Trump] says, I have to admit…he believes everything he says: whether he’s right or not, he says what everybody fears.” Rogers joins Loretta Lynn in offering a subdued endorsement of the controversial real estate mogul turned reality star turned presidential candidate.

But Rogers also divulged more on his decision to retire from music, saying, ” I’ve done everything there is, accomplished everything I want to accomplish, and now I want to be a good father. I don’t know how many more years I have, so I have to take them now.” He also mentioned his sons laugh off his opinions on Trump, but he gets his own jab in, saying, “They are Democrats that live in California — there is no hope for them.”

In one of the more odd answers from the interview, Rogers also hinted at the possible development of a Dollywood-esque experience. “40 miles north of Atlanta, on an island, [will be] Kennyland or Kenny World — it’s going to be something really special,” says Rogers. “We are doing a SXSW theme, where singers and songwriters will want to come here. We have an avatar of me on the stage.”

Rogers has also been vocal on his criticisms of current country music, though he chose not to double down when asked again about his stance on country, instead saying, “Country music is what country people will buy. When it ceases to be country they won’t buy it. I think whether anyone my age likes it or not, it’s very healthy.” Added Rogers, “The business has changed. I used to go out and do concerts to promote record sales, now you cut records to promote concerts. It’s a different world.”

But the one subject where there is no gray area for Rogers: beards. His thoughts on beards? “Yeah, don’t cut ’em!” Not surprising, given the iconic singer’s classic face tuft, which he’s had since day one of his success.

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Kenny Rogers on Beards, Retirement, ‘Kennyland’ and Donald Trump