Kenny Chesney’s ‘Spread The Love’ Tour Ends on Emotional Note

Kenny Chesney’s Spread The Love Tour came to a close with two big nights in Boston. The massive undertaking started in April and featured 31 shows in 30 cities. And a whole bunch of them ended up in packed football stadiums and baseball parks.

The tour had some ups and downs. Like, you know, trashing the city of Pittsburgh. But on the final night, a special moment reminded everybody just how powerful music is. And how close Chesney is with his fans.

During a mashup performance of Steve Miller’s “The Joker” and Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds,” Chesney spotted a woman in the audience. Kelly Swanson, a cancer survivor, took her hat off to point to her bald head.

After seeing her, Chesney motioned her to come up on stage. Swanson grabbed her cap and climbed up. But as soon as she put her hat on, Chesney took it off. He then took off his cowboy hat, revealing his own bald head.

He put their heads together and continued singing “Every little thing is gonna be alright.” Luckily, another fan caught it on video.

Swanson captioned the video, “It holds so much emotion for so many people near and dear to me as well as all those who are still fighting or have fought their battle with cancer. The outpouring of posts texts and messages proves that there is still a lot of good people in this world.”

No doubt about it, Chesney left “No Shoes Nation” in a state of euphoria after this tour. They chose to close the whole thing in Boston because that’s where they first gave the nickname to his fans.

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Kenny Chesney’s ‘Spread The Love’ Tour Ends on Emotional Note