Listen to Kenny Chesney's Reverent New Track 'Song for the Saints'

Kenny Chesney's 17th studio record, Song for the Saints, will reflect on the strength and resilience of the people of the Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma hit in 2017 and devastated countless homes and infrastructure. As a part-time resident of the island of St. John, Chesney has a special place in his heart for the area (he even opened up his home to house 17 people during the storm), so naturally, he's singing about the fallout from the natural disaster on his new album.

Following up the release of the single "Get Along," Chesney has debuted the title track of the album where fans can hear his passion for caring for the islands after the storm. "God lifted these islands from the ocean/And they stood strong for centuries/So it's fitting they were named after men with golden halos/'Cause angels don't give it just 'cause of little wind blows," he sings.

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In April, Chesney said that Song for the Saints is "an album about the refuges we all have, how temporary life is and the way we navigate to better places, dig in and face the destruction." The record comes out on July 27th with a total of 12 new songs. Fans can hear more from the upcoming record on Chesney's tour starting on June 2 in Pittsburg and wrapping up in late August in Massachusetts.

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Listen to Kenny Chesney's Reverent New Track 'Song for the Saints'