Kenny Chesney to Release New Album This Spring

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Kenny Chesney has been hard at work in the studio working on a brand new album that's due out later this spring.

After wrapping up his massive Big Revival tour last summer, the country star decided to take some time to plot out his next move. The 47-year-old shared his process for creating his 16th career studio album.

"You have to take time to live and breathe, to fill up your tanks to be creative," he explained in a press release. "Otherwise, you're just on a treadmill churning out what you've already done... Who needs that? For me, especially after the success of 'The Big Revival,' I want to move the music, the songs, the discussion forward."

To create something fresh and exciting, Chesney teamed up with his longtime producer Buddy Cannon and some of Nashville's best and brightest songwriters, including Josh Osborne, Shane McAnally, Hayes Carll, David Lee Murphy and more.

"There are a few writers who get me, who get my life and my soul," Chesney explained. "And I was lucky enough to have time to write with them. But I also got to hear a lot of great songs, some different writers, so there was a lot of music this time to draw from and be inspired by."

Although he has yet to set a release date or reveal the album title, the country star says he's excited to share the completed project with his dedicated fanbase.

"There's a moment you feel a record grab hold, and take shape," Chesney said. "You can have great songs and not have an album. You can have a killer record that won't move people on the radio. The idea is to balance both, then hopefully create something that does both, that also says something as a whole. I think we're on our way."

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Kenny Chesney to Release New Album This Spring