Kenny Chesney Reveals Surprising Lyric Video for New Single ‘Rich and Miserable’

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Today, Oct. 24, Kenny Chesney released his third single, "Rich and Miserable" from his forthcoming album Cosmic Hallelujah. The video is three and a half minutes of blunt honesty. Filmed in New York City with an array of city residents, the song showcases the dangers of putting all of our hope in our dreams. It's powerful, and is quite possibly the best track Chesney has released to date.

"Rich and Miserable" brings a new depth to Chesney's music as he speaks on more important issues going on in the world today; the American dream being one of them. What happens when you put every ounce of hope in the dream you're chasing? It leads to misery. The country superstar added great emphasis on this during the video. That choice shows growth in his music and makes us excited for what is to come.

"Enough is never enough/American dream never wakes up/Too much is never too much/We won't be happy 'til we're rich and miserable," Chesney sings in the chorus. The lyrics allow us to see for ourselves what the outcome can turn into while chasing the American dream.

The video was filmed in black and white with shots of the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and other important monuments throughout the city that symbolize freedom. New Yorkers are shown throughout the video holding chalkboards with handwritten lyrics. "Rich and Miserable" reveals a lot about society and brings the message to life. No matter where we find ourselves in pursuit of our dreams, we have a choice to either exhaust ourselves and place all of our hope in what we're chasing.

Watch the video below:

Kenny Chesney's new album Cosmic Hallelujah will be released on Oct. 28. Fans can preorder the album via iTunes and recieve four tracks instantly, including "Rich and Miserable."

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Kenny Chesney Reveals Surprising Lyric Video for New Single ‘Rich and Miserable’