Kenny Chesney Address the Insanity of Modern Life in ‘Noise’ Video

Screengrab via YouTube

Kenny Chesney recently released his lead single, “Noise,” off his next album, Some Town Somewhere. With the single already climbing the charts, Chesney has now unveiled the music video for the song.

While Chesney is typically known for his laid back, island vibe, “Noise” takes fans on a slight detour to a more turbulent trip through the modern mind and its digital distractions.

Recognizing that people are living in a constant state of distraction by technology, Chesney, along with songwriter Shane McAnally, wrote the song in a moment of frustration.

Chesney explained to Rolling Stone Country, “I feel like in my own life that I’ve lost a bit of human connection. We communicate in such a fast pace, and there’s this addiction to communication with all the devices we have. I notice it with my friends in our social time: if you have five seconds to yourself, you’re looking at your phone to see if someone texted.”

The music video supports Chesney’s vision when he and McAnally put pen to paper, creating art to imitate this technology-based lifestyle. “[The video] captures what was rolling around in my head, even in the initial conversation when we were writing. It really captured what I was thinking and the essence of how we can get lost in this fog and be drowned by all of it.”

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Kenny Chesney Address the Insanity of Modern Life in ‘Noise’ Video