Hear Kenny Chesney’s New Duet with Pink, ‘Setting The World On Fire’

Columbia Nashville

Remember earlier this month when Kenny Chesney delayed his album two days before its release? The multiplatinum country superstar said he just had to include this new duet with Pink, “Setting The World On Fire.”

Well, we may have to wait until Oct. 28 for the record, but you can hear that duet right now.

When Chesney made the decision in early July, he cited this song. “When you have something you know is great,” Chesney said, “and it captures the best part of being alive, why wouldn’t you slow down enough to make it happen in the moment?”

One thing’s for sure: Chesney and Pink have a hit on their hands.

Lyrically, the theme to “Setting The World On Fire” is nothing out of the ordinary. But it captures a wistful optimism and young love in a beautifully honest way. Not complex or deep, but cute in its metaphors. Consider wordplay like, “Said, ‘Do you think we’ll live forever?’ as we killed another beer.”

Is it worth delaying a record for? Take a listen for yourself.

Interestingly enough, Pink takes the best parts of the song. Like, you know, the chorus. Kenny Chesney backs out of that hook-laden sing-along completely the first few times, though he does join Pink in the chorus near the end.

The tune was recorded in Malibu, California at famous producer Rick Rubin’s studio. It may be the best of all the recent country/pop collaborators. Which isn’t much of a surprise given Pink’s track record of collaborations. If this song doesn’t make its way to No. 1, it would be surprising.

Look for it on Chesney’s upcoming album, the recently re-named Cosmic Hallelujah.

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Hear Kenny Chesney’s New Duet with Pink, ‘Setting The World On Fire’