Kenny Chesney Wants Fans to Put Their Phones Away at His Shows

Jill Trunnell

To some artists, it's flattering when audiences take photos and video of their performances. Kenny Chesney, however, is asking his fans to put their cell phones away. The country superstar feels that technology is stifling his ability to connect with fans during concerts.

Chesney referenced one moment in particular: an interaction at one of his shows in New Jersey last year. He went to shake hands with a front row fan, only to realize she was solely viewing him through her phone. "She was so lost in the noise of it all, she missed the human connection," he told The Guardian. 

While having photos of fun times is important, it also breeds an unhealthy addition to our phones. People become obsessed with capturing photos for social media. As a performer, Chesney finds this frustrating.

"Especially for me - I want to look at everybody straight in the eye and make them feel something and it's really hard to do that if they're not looking at you but they're looking at their phone," he continued. "They're missing the connection and taking fragments home with them."

The multiplatinum chart-topper, who recently released a duet with Pink, admits that he too is a victim of technology overuse. The topic is even the theme of his recent hit song, "Noise."

Chesney noted that not being able to disconnect was affecting his creativity. Furthermore, it was affecting his personal relationships. "I felt I was texting 'I love you' instead of telling people I loved them," he said.

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It's nice to know that stars also struggle with issues that so many of us face on a daily basis. Social media and texting are two huge aspects of communication in our world today. Because of this, it's tough to resist the urge to always have our phones out. Hopefully, with Kenny voicing his opinion and making an effort to unplug more often, country music fans will start to do the same.

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Kenny Chesney Wants Fans to Put Their Phones Away at His Shows