Nashville Boosts Funding for Ken Burns’ Upcoming Country Music Documentary

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After four years of research, esteemed documentarian Ken Burns’ new country music documentary is getting a little help from the Music City.

Burns’ film will attempt to answer the question “What is country music?”, while highlighting the careers of the Carter Family, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson and more.

It will explore its origins, ballads, hymns and the blues of the early years when it was called “Hillbilly music.” Along with an extensive look at its past, the film will discuss what’s to come for the genre. It’s bound to be a great documentary.

The 8-part series will air on PBS in 2019. Burns is best-known for his groundbreaking documentaries on a range of subjects, from jazz to the Civil War. According to the Tennessean, over 30 million people are expected to watch the initial broadcast of the film.

The city of Nashville has just announced plans to provide $375,000 in incentives to support the film’s production. The decision was made as an effort assist projects that promote tourism to the city.

“This is an exciting project that will tell the story of country music in a way that its never been told before, with Nashville playing a starring role,” says Rich Riebeling, Nashville mayor Megan Barry’s chief operating officer. “The exposure for the city will be significant, resulting in more visitors and more revenue for the city of Nashville.”

For more information on the film and Ken Burns, visit official website.

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Nashville Boosts Funding for Ken Burns’ Upcoming Country Music Documentary