Kelsey Waldon Shares New Song, Announces Upcoming Album 'White Noise, White Lines'

Laura E. Partain

The rocky lives of Nashville's unsigned singer-songwriters teach revolve to some and crush others' lifelong dreams. For Kelsey Waldon, a nearly 10-year cycle of sweeping rejection and small victories prodded her towards a May 28 appearance at the Grand Ole Opry, during which John Prine invited her to become the first Oh Boy Records signee in 15 years.

Based on lead single "Anyhow" and its championing of seeing big goals through, Waldon's Oh Boy debut, White Noise, White Lines, will be informed by her journey from a small Kentucky town called Monkey's Eyebrow to a coveted working relationship with the godfather of Americana.

"It's hard for me to put into words what it truly means to me to be signed to Oh Boy Records," says Waldon in a press release. "To have someone like John, who I have looked up to my whole life, who I have set my songwriting standards after and my general music making standards after, to have someone like him endorse my music and care enough about it to make sure it reaches a wider audience...that means everything."

The new album, out Oct. 4, begins with "Anyhow" and ends with a cover of "My Epitaph," a song by the late clawhammer-style banjo picker and folk singer Ola Belle Reed. In between, listeners get a feel for Waldon's old Kentucky home through audio clips of a Chickasaw Tribe chant recorded at her father's hunting camp, a voicemail from her dad captured after he'd first heard her on the radio and a snippet of friends performing bluegrass standard "Run Rabbit Run."

White Noise, White Lines Track List

1. Anyhow
2. White Noise, White Lines
3. Kentucky (Interlude)
4. Kentucky, 1988
5. Lived and Let Go
6. Black Patch
7. Run (Interlude)
8. Run Away
9. Sunday's Children
10. Very Old Barton
11. My Epitaph

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Kelsey Waldon Shares New Song, Announces Upcoming Album 'White Noise, White Lines'