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Kelly Reilly and Helen Mirren Are Connected Outside the 'Yellowstone' Universe


Apparently, we aren't the only ones over the moon about Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren signing on to star in the upcoming Yellowstone prequel series 1932. Kelly Reilly, fan-favorite Beth Dutton on Yellowstone, chatted with ET on the red carpet at Paramount's Upfronts at New York City's Carnegie Hall on May 18. She's such a big Helen Mirren fan (who isn't?) that she wishes she could be on the new series with her.

"I just found out about this yesterday and I wanna be in it, basically, which is impossible," Reilly said. "They're my ancestors. It started with Tim [McGraw] and Faith [Hill] and Isabel [May]."

Reilly was referring of course to the first Yellowstone prequel, 1883, that shared the origin story of the Dutton family traveling from Texas all the way up to Montana to the land Kevin Costner works to defend on Yellowstone. The story was beautiful, moving, and tragic, but it's not stopping there. Creator Taylor Sheridan is continuing the Dutton saga a few decades later in 1932 where we'll see Harrison Ford and Mirren take the lead. We don't know anything else about their roles, but the casting is enough to put us on the edge of our seats until the series premieres on Paramount+ in December.

It turns out that Reilly and Mirren have another connection outside the Yellowstone universe. The legendary British actress was the first professional actor Reilly worked with when she landed her first TV role at the age of 16. She appeared on Prime Suspect in the U.K. where Mirren played Jane Tennison. Reilly gushed about the experience and how wonderful it was to work with Mirren.


"She was incredible and fierce and brilliant and everything I wanted to be as an actor, full of courage and heart," Reilly reflected. "The fact that she is such a big fan of the Yellowstone universe and the writing -- who isn't? It's so juicy. And the fact she is now playing one of Beth Dutton's ancestors, it's a really sweet thing. I'm so excited to see it."

Mirren isn't in the below clip, but please enjoy 16-year-old Reilly in her big TV debut.

1932 will follow the Dutton clan as they face the difficulties of the 30s -- drought, the Great Depression, and the ending of Prohibition. It will be fascinating to put one of TV's most popular families through one of the most difficult times in U.S. history. Reilly is confident that Mirren will fit in perfectly.


"She's got such sovereignty and regality and also she can kick it to the dirt as well," said Reilly. "I feel very excited for Taylor Sheridan that he can work with her. It's two giants. And Harrison Ford. These are acting heroes of mine. I will definitely be coming on the set and saying hello."

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