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Kelly Clarkson Will Debut a Song From Her New Album Very Soon


Kelly Clarkson has been hard at work on her upcoming new album, and she will be ready to share it with fans very soon. The singer first teased the project in a live video from January, in which she shared that the album -- her first since her divorce --  will cover the "arc of a whole relationship." Although Clarkson hasn't revealed an official release date, a live video from March 18 confirms that the album, and specifically a first track from the album, will be released soon.

On the day of filming the live video, Clarkson said she was currently shooting a performance video for one of the songs from the album, which will air on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

"Today, we are shooting the episode in which -- I'm trying not to get in trouble here -- in which I will be singing a song from a certain new record," she says. "We're doing the episode, so that means it's coming because we don't shoot that far in advance. It's coming and it's so good."


Clarkson also said that "it's weird" to sing the new songs, as she was either "really angry or really sad" when writing them. She also reiterated that the album's theme is about "a whole relationship."

Without sharing many more details about the album or the release date, Clarkson said the album is coming out "so quickly," so fans can most likely count the days until the project is released.

In the previous live from January, Clarkson also shared her excitement about the album cover, saying that the photoshoot was "incredible" and captures the theme of the album.

"It felt like me and I was just able to be really free and be myself in this shoot and really explain, visually, what's happening sonically on the album. It's really freakin' cool," she teases. "This, you're going to want on vinyl just for the picture alone that's going to be the cover that's incredible that's not photoshopped. I'm going to lead with that."


The yet-to-be named project will be her first release since 2017's Meaning of Life. 

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