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Kelly Clarkson Performs Powerful Cover of Lainey Wilson Song: 'I Am Obsessed'

Clarkson praised Wilson's album 'Bell Bottom Country.'

Kelly Clarkson has been treating fans to a few surprises during her Las Vegas residency, and at a recent show, she covered a current country hit by one of the genre's top rising artists. Clarkson introduced the tune by saying it's by an artist she has been enjoying lately.

"I had her on my show, and I fell in love with her," Clarkson said. "Her name is Lainey Wilson."

The singer explained that she has a love for 80s and 90s country, and she enjoys Wilson's take on country music. She added that she's been "obsessed" with Wilson's Bell Bottom Country album, and she's been listening to it "nonstop" at her Montana ranch this summer. She then launched into a rendition of Wilson's "Heart Like a Truck," a song she says she relates to in her own life.

After starting the song over due to a small lyric mishap, Clarkson showcased a pitch-perfect version of the tune. Clarkson said she did change one lyric from "Chevy" to "Ford," "Because I'm a Ford girl," but the rest of the song stayed close to the original. The end of the song features a high note that Wilson never fails to hit when she performs live, and Clarkson also belted the note with ease, bringing an end to the feel-good performance. She shared her love for the tune once again at the end of the performance, saying, "I love that song."

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Clarkson kicked off her residency, Chemistry... an intimate night with Kelly Clarkson, on July 28, and the run has already featured multiple standout moments. Fans rallied around the singer when she performed a cover of Gayle's "abcdefu" and changed the lyrics to match her life situation following her divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. Another highlight moment occurred over the weekend when Clarkson also changed the lyrics to her emotional 2015 song, "Piece by Piece," to reflect the split.

Clarkson's residency runs through Aug. 19 at the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

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