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Kelly Clarkson Fans Praise the Singer as the 'GOAT' as She Reflects on 21 Years Since 'Idol' Win

"The one and only time America agreed on something and got it right," one fan wrote.

Kelly Clarkson became a household name when she won the very first season of American Idol, and now the singer is looking back on that milestone more than 20 years later. Clarkson took to social media on Monday, Sept. 4, to mark the 21st anniversary of winning the singing competition show. She posted a photo of herself from that night with the caption, "21 years. #MondayMemories#AmericanIdol."

Clarkson wasn't the only person excited to look back on the memory of winning American Idol. Countless fans took to the post's comments to reminisce with the singer. Some of them told stories from their own memories of the exciting night, and others shared their gratefulness that Clarkson won the competition. They all agreed that Clarkson is still the same talented singer and entertainer they came to love way back on Idol.

One fan wrote, "The one and only time America agreed on something and got it right," while another said they voted for Clarkson "100 times" during the finale. A fan with the name November Rain shared her own memory as a "little girl seeing another girl's dream come true."

"I cried with you that night," the fan added.

Others simply thanked Clarkson for all her years of music.

"Thank you for the past 21 years of music and entertainment!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us over the next 21 years!!" one fan wrote.

American Idol's own Instagram account also commented on post, calling Clarkson the "The G.O.A.T." (Greatest of All Time), which is a tall honor considering the wealth of talent that has come from the show.

While American Idol is still ongoing — now on ABC instead of FOX — Clarkson has turned her attention to rival show, The Voice, in recent years. She is stepping away from the show on the upcoming season 24, instead focusing primarily on her daytime talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show. 

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