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Kelly Clarkson Hilariously Loses Karaoke Battle Against Anne Hathaway, Forgets Her Own No. 1 Hit


I think we can all agree when I say that Kelly Clarkson is one of the greatest singers of all time. She has sold over 25 million albums, 24 million singles worldwide, has 11 top ten singles in the United States, and 9 top ten singles in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. To add to her many jobs, she is a well-known coach on The Voice and even hosts her own talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

The American Idol alumn has been having a blast being a daytime host, as she invites several guests who have definitely made an impact on the show. This week she invited none other than Anne Hathaway, as she was promoting her new miniseries WeCrashed, which also stars Jared Leto.

But what intrigued me about the appearance, was the karaoke game that the two women participated in. Basically, Hathaway and Clarkson had to guess a song that the band was playing in order to get points and win the "Sing That Name That Tune" game.


Clarkson had been behind some points from Hathaway, but it was during the last song that shocked Clarkson. Frustrated, Clarkson hilariously tells the band, "Can you freaking play a song I'll know" hoping to win the round. As the band starts playing, The Voice coach is left silent, as Hathaway steps up to the platform, which then lights up, and begins to belt out Clarkson's own "Since U Been Gone."

Astounded at what just happened, and probably ashamed of not recognizing her own song, Clarkson literally drops to her knees and face plants on the platform like a toddler. Still faced down, Hathaway showcases her amazing vocals, to which Clarkson responds, "How did you know if from just that?"

The Oscar winner hilariously responds "Kelly Clarkson, if you don't understand how much we all love that song...Everyone here knew it on the first one. Everybody here knew it." Host Matt Iseman poked fun at Clarkson, saying, "Anne Hathaway will be doing a Kelly Clarkson Tribute show in Vegas!"


Honestly, I wouldn't mind that at all. The Hollywood actress has an incredible voice. But I guess we were sort of expecting it. I mean, she did win a Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actress for the musical Les Miserables after all.

Still, ashamed of herself, Clarkson responds, "This is embarrassing!" and quotes Carrie Underwood, saying, "Jesus Take the Wheel."

It's hilarious that Clarkson didn't even recognize her own song, but hey, at this point, she's had too many No 1. hits. She's bound to forget one, right? We don't blame you, Kelly!

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