See Kelleigh Bannen’s ‘Cheap Sunglasses’ Video [Exclusive Premiere]

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Today we’re premiering rising country singer Kelleigh Bannen’s video for “Cheap Sunglasses,” the title track of her new EP.

The breezy song arrives just in time for the dog days of summer, the season of romantic flings. In this song, Bannen uses cheap sunglasses as a metaphor for a downside of summer love: it’s often disposable.

“I don’t wanna be your cheap sunglasses, Just a summer thing til it falls out of fashion/So easy to break, just throw away, well I’m not made of plastic, I don’t wanna be your cheap sunglasses.” 

The video follows a young couple in the throws of a summer fling as they flirt and play around town. The stop they make at the end video’s conclusion brings the superficial nature of their relationship into focus.

Bannen co-wrote the song, along with the four other tracks on her Cheap Sunglasses EP. The new release follows her three previous singles, including “Sorry on the Rocks,” which reached No. 48 on the US Country chart.

She was previously signed to EMI Records, but released this EP independently, without the backing of a major label.

In a recent video, Bannen described the challenges of pursuing a career in music.

“I’m going all in,” says Bannen. “I want to bring my messy, passionate, all-in self [to] do something that’s so valuable to you and so close to your heart that it’s going to hurt if it doesn’t happen.”

Cheap Sunglasses is currently available on iTunes.

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See Kelleigh Bannen’s ‘Cheap Sunglasses’ Video [Exclusive Premiere]