Keith Walker

Song Premiere: Keith Walker Laments the Soundtracks of Failed Relationships on 'That Song'


Music has the uncanny ability to bring us right back to a certain place or time. And in many cases, to a certain person. On his new tune "That Song," Keith Walker finds out how difficult it can be when a song becomes such a crucial part of a relationship that ultimately doesn't work out.

In the new single, Walker sings about an ex whom he can't help but associate with a song he used to love. And sometimes it's those little things that hurt the most.

"I think it's one of the most relatable songs I've ever released," Walker tells Wide Open Country. "Who doesn't have a song that they love but find hard to listen to because it reminds them of an ex? That's exactly where my head was at when I sat down with some writing buddies and spit this one out."

The downtempo ballad slowly builds over time, crescendoing to a powerful chorus. Listen to the exclusive premiere below.


"For me, 'That Song' is 'Help Me Understand' by Trace Adkins," Walker says, pulling from his own personal experience with the subject matter. "To this day, I can't stand to listen to it because of the memories it holds. That's exactly where the hook line came from: 'Damn you girl for making me hate that song.' The song just sort of wrote itself after that."

Walker says "That Song" is a bit different for him when it comes to putting out singles (he's notched four Top 30 songs on the Music Row Charts).

"I'm more nervous and excited about this single than I have been about any other release," Walker says. "In the past, I've always gravitated towards up-tempo songs that get people moving. But the story and lyric behind 'That Song' was so true to my heart that after writing it, I couldn't wait to share it with the world."


Don't feel too bad for Walker though, who did ultimately find the right woman (and the right song). And she's got a sense of humor, too.

"It was my wife's idea to release this song on June 22," Walker laughs. "She thought it was funny and ironic to release a breakup song about ex-girlfriends on our wedding anniversary."

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