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Keith Urban's Tattoos: What They Are and What They Mean 

Keith Urban is famous for a lot of things: being a country superstar who is a one-of-a-kind singer, songwriter and guitar player, being a former judge on American Idol, hosting the ACM Awards, and so much more. The Australian artist also been known to sport more than a few tattoos. Fans may have spotted these tattoos at shows, from red carpet pictures or from Urban's many appearances. The tattoos on the country star seem to have multiplied over the years, and he often doesn't announce when he gets a new one or what they mean, so here's a roundup of Keith Urban's tattoos (the ones we know about, anyway) and what they mean.

1. The Tribal Sleeve

One of the most noticeable of Keith Urban's tattoos is the tribal-influenced partial sleeve on his left arm. Unfortunately, Urban has never spoken explicitly about the meaning of this particular tattoo, but it's certainly an interesting design that complements the rest of his body art quite well. This tattoo extends onto his shoulder and up on his neck, and can be seen just above his shirt on the left side.

2. The Phoenix

Another one of Urban's most recognizable tattoos that can be easily seen when he's shredding on the guitar is his Phoenix tattoo. This ink on the inside of his left forearm is often seen when Urban plays guitar, and especially when he lowers his guitar during a solo. The tattoo is a very clear, Southwest-inspired Phoenix design with blue accents. Urban told Women's Wear Daily that the tattoo was inspired by the mythology of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. "I can relate very strongly to that, going through hard times and coming out the other end of it much stronger for the experience," he said.

3. "Nicole" and Tribal Design on Right Arm

On the top portion of Urban's right arm, covering his right bicep, a large tattoo with the name "Nicole" can be seen. It's not hard to guess what this tattoo was inspired by — his wife Nicole Kidman, no doubt — and her name is surrounded by twisty designs, which adds to the dramatic flair. Right above the "Nicole" tattoo is another tribal design, similar to the one on his left arm, which also creeps up his neck and can be seen poking out of his shirt at times.

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4. The Sun on Chest

Another one of Urban's documented tattoos is the blazing sun he has on his chest. The tattoo is essentially a ball of a fire with rays coming out. One of the times this tattoo was clearly on display was when Urban and Ellen Degeneres did a humorous spoof of a cologne commercial. The cringe-worthy video features Urban with his shirt off and Ellen, well, all over him. Ironically, the fake perfume was called Phoenix, which might have been a nod to his forearm tattoo. BodyArtGuru.com suggests this tattoo might have been for his daughter, Sunday Rose.

5. Celtic or Tribal Tattoo on Wrist

One of Keith Urban's smallest tattoos is a design that goes around his right wrist. Some sources call the design tribal, others call it Celtic, but either way, it holds a very special meaning. Incorporated into the tattoo design are the initials "NMK," which are, of course, the initials of his wife, Nicole Mary Kidman. The tattoo is Urban's second nod to his wife, and it turns out he used to have another tattoo there instead. The original tattoo featured the words "Omnia Vincit Amor," which is Latin for "Love Conquers All." Urban got the original tattoo when he was dating ex-girlfriend and supermodel, Niki Taylor.

6. "Mary" on His Knuckle

The third tattoo dedicated to Urban's wife and actress Nicole Kidman comes in the form of the simple one on his knuckles. Fans who look closely will notice the name "Mary" written across his fingers/knuckles on his right hand. This is in honor of his Kidman, whose middle name is Mary.

7. Eagle on His Shoulder Blade 

One of Urban's lesser-known tattoos is an eagle located on his right shoulder blade. According to The Boot, Urban got the tattoo in honor of America, the Australia native's soon-to-be new home. "I was in America, I had just been spending time here, I was single, and I thought, 'It's my birthday, I want to give myself a cool gift.' I thought the eagle just seemed perfect. It was American, I had my freedom, and it was something that would be on this journey with me for my whole life," he said.

8. Love on His Shoulder Blade

The eagle on Urban's shoulder is paired with another tattoo on the New Zealand-born singer's left shoulder blade: the word "Love." Not much is known about why Urban got this tattoo or if it had special meaning behind it, but nobody can go wrong with having one of the most important words in the English language tattooed on their body.

9. New Tattoo on His Right Arm

Eagle-eyed fans who watched the 2021 Academy of Country Music Awards may have noticed a brand new tattoo on Urban's right wrist/forearm, right next to his "NMK" tattoo. The tattoo seems to be another tribal design, similar to his two arm tattoos that lead up his neck, but the country singer has yet to comment on his new ink.