Keith Urban Pulls Movie Star Miles Teller on Stage to Sing 'My Girl'

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Keith Urban sure is in the mood to pull people up on stage. The Aussie guitar slinger recently invited actor Miles Teller on stage at his Albuquerque, N.M. stop.

The pair sang a cover of the 1965 Temptations hit, "My Girl." So, can Teller hold his own? He did play a jazz music prodigy in the recent film Whiplash, after all.

Teller certainly looked comfortable on stage, even replacing the famed lyric, "What can make me feel this way? My girl," with, "Keith Urban." Urban coyly responds with, "Talking 'bout Miles Teller."

One thing is for certain. The pair definitely had a blast with the duet, and exchanged gushy social media tweets after the show.

Urban is in the middle of his massive RipCORD World Tour, and Teller most recently appeared at ESPN's ESPY awards. He's reportedly in New Mexico filming an upcoming movie about firefighters called Granite Mountain. Teller also appeared in the recent Fantastic Four remake and in the Divergent film series.

Of course, you don't have to be famous to get Urban's attention. The star also recently invited a fan on stage to play guitar, and he totally killed it. So will Urban invite you on stage next? You never know. Grab a ticket to one of his upcoming shows and find out.

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Keith Urban Pulls Movie Star Miles Teller on Stage to Sing 'My Girl'