Keith Urban Performs New Music at Massive Nashville Release Party

Keith Urban

On the Monday following the release of RipCord, Keith Urban headed to the streets of Nashville to celebrate his ninth studio album. The crowd packed the plaza area of the Bridgestone Arena, filling the surrounding streets, restaurants, and rooftops, all to catch a glimpse at the man whose show is far from “wasted time.”

In front of thousands of excited locals and tourists, Urban played some of his hits, both old and new, as well as a few brand new tracks off his latest release. Among the fresh tunes was “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” a ballad that attempts to convince a woman that the man who broke her heart isn’t worth her tears. Belting the emotional, yet motivational lyrics about working through the pain and never allowing someone to steal her thunder, Urban proved that his pipes are as flawless live as they are with studio production.

Incorporating his guitar skills into the bridge and close of the song, Urban appropriately infused the sultry country sound with a bit of blues, making the instrument sound as if it was sobbing along side the woman in the song. As with every guitar riff played by Urban outside the home of the Nashville Predators (who he predicted would win — and they did!), the crowd erupted and not only celebrated the release of RipCord and new songs, but the immeasurable talent that stood on the stage before it.

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Keith Urban Performs New Music at Massive Nashville Release Party