Keith Urban Teases New Song 'Coming Home,' Featuring Julia Michaels

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On Monday night, Keith Urban posted a 15-second morsel of his newest song, "Coming Home" to Facebook with the lyrics "There's nothin' in the world that feels like coming home ..." Even with less than half a minute to take in the song, fans can infer that it's an upbeat look at returning to the people and places you love featuring the bright vocals of singer Julia Michaels.

"Coming Home" will likely be the first single off of Urban's new album, which doesn't have a release date as of yet. The new record, Graffiti U, will be the follow up to Urban's 2016 album, Ripcord.

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In mid-January, Urban took to the stage in Nashville for a surprise show where he played four new songs assumed to be on Graffiti U. He premiered "Texas Time," "Parallel Line," "Same Heart" and "Steal My Thunder." With the addition of "Coming Home," fans have a good idea of how the bulk of the album will sound.

Though Graffiti U doesn't have a set release date, "Coming Home" does. Fans can listen to the soon-to-be spring hit in its entirety on March 21st.

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Keith Urban Teases New Song 'Coming Home,' Featuring Julia Michaels