Keith Urban, Luke Bryan Play 'Six Degrees of Separation' From Vince Gill

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Vince Gill is a modern country marvel whose talents affect just about everybody in Nashville. What, need proof? Then just watch all these country stars share their "Vince Gill number."

That's the number of "degrees of separation" from Gill various artists have. It's based on the popular "six degrees of separation" theory, which states any two people could meet through a total of 5 connections.

In other words, Keith Urban's Vince Gill number is 1 -- meaning he's been in the same room with Gill (and in Urban's case, knows him personally). Hilariously, Urban takes it a step further, suggesting he may have possibly married Gill.

Luke Bryan, on other hand, is three degrees away from Vince. Where do artists like Chris Stapleton, Dierks Bentley and Little Big Town land? Watch the video to find out.

Funny how those closest to Gill just know the others have good stories about him. Who do you think wins, Bentley or Little Big Town?

It's pretty amazing to think Vince Gill played eighty-eight minutes with a then-unknown Bentley on Nashville's Lower Broadway. But Gill inducting you into the Grand Ole Opry? That's life-changing. Then again, Bentley and Gill are both huge fans of Nashville's hockey team, the Predators.

Gill is currently supporting his fourteenth studio release, Down To My Last Bad Habit. The Country Music Hall of Fame member just released a sweet new tune, "Me and My Girl," which plays in the background of the six degrees video.

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Keith Urban, Luke Bryan Play 'Six Degrees of Separation' From Vince Gill