Fan Borrows Keith Urban’s Guitar and Stuns the Audience

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on July 5, 2016, but now includes an updated video. 

Keith Urban has one of the best shows in the business. During his concert in New Hampshire in 2016, he took it to the next level by taking a gamble on a fan.

Urban spotted an ambitious young guy near the front row. “Can I play your guitar?” the fan asked Urban. His girlfriend was holding a sign that read, “It’s my boyfriend’s birthday.” Urban didn’t hesitate and brought the young fan up on the stage.

The fan’s name is Rob Joyce, of Berlin, Mass. Before they played, Urban asked Rob’s girlfriend in the crowd how they met. She said they played pool at school together, and that Rob should be Urban’s backup guitar player.

Impressed by their chutzpah, Urban passed his telecaster to Rob and launched into “Good Thing,” a song with some very tricky guitar parts.

No pressure, right? Not for Rob. He absolutely killed it and had the entire crowd cheering him on. This brought a big smile to my face.

Incredible. Urban was right — Rob definitely did more than play pool that night…

Rob mentioned that his dream job is to play guitar, so hopefully this performance opened a door for him.

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Fan Borrows Keith Urban’s Guitar and Stuns the Audience