Keith Urban Collaborates With Jason Derulo, Stevie Wonder on ‘Broke’

Keith Urban provides his guitar and banjo skills on a track for Jason Derulo’s upcoming album, “Everything Is 4”.

Keith Urban is crossing into new genres with his unexpected collaboration with R&B hitmaker Jason Derulo and R&B legend Stevie Wonder.

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Urban is featured on a track called “Broke” from Derulo’s upcoming album, Everything Is 4. Stevie Wonder contributes some killer harmonica that adds another layer of fun and funky twang to the bumping, rhythmic sound. The killer banjo riff is what really sets the song off and makes it country-infused without sounding like a musical parody. That finesse and expertise of blending and creating sounds into a hit song is something Urban has succeeded at through his solo career and other collaborations, so it’s no surprise that he and Wonder’s contributions are what make this song a winner.

With the tongue-in-cheek tagline, “More money, more problems, so I’d rather be broke,” the party anthem doesn’t take itself too seriously and neither should its listeners. While it’s unlikely this track will be able to make the crossover onto the country music airwaves, it’s a quality and completely infectious track that will drive people to the dance floor.

Jason Derulo’s new album, Everything Is 4, will be out in stores on June 2.

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Keith Urban Collaborates With Jason Derulo, Stevie Wonder on ‘Broke’