Hear Keith Urban’s Heartfelt New Single, ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’

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Keith Urban hopes to continue the success of his latest album, Ripcord, with the release of his emotional new single, “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”

Co-written by Steven Lee Olsen, Hillary Lindsey and Clint Lagerberg, the single features a stripped-down and intimate sound. It’s one of Urban’s most poetic and heartfelt tracks in recent years, even though it follows one of country’s most used cliches. Instead of focusing on physical urges, the lyrics explore the respect and kindness that a woman deserves.

Musically, Urban continued Ripcord’s theme of genre experimentation. “(“Blue”) is basically a waltz with a doo-wop feel,” Urban said in a statement.  “Neither really felt right for me, but there was something in this song that I loved. So we programmed this really cool, simple, drum loop that became the rhythmic bones of the song, providing a yin and yang to the minimalist vocal that I wanted to feature.”

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In a year full of releases that mix pop with country, Urban has managed to successfully blend his influences while still staying true to his roots. That artistry will likely launch this single to the top of the charts in the coming weeks.

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Hear Keith Urban’s Heartfelt New Single, ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’