Keith Urban and Jimmy Fallon Share Countrified ‘FML’ Stories

Screengrab via YouTube

Keith Urban really does have it all. He married a beautiful Hollywood A-lister, just released a brand new album last week, and now he even has a hilarious country band with Jimmy Fallon called “FML.”

On a recent visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the duo debuted their new project, which was inspired by the famous website of the same name. People go to the FML site to share their stories of bizarre, and often hilarious, sadness. Every story ends with the classic tag for misery: FML.

Urban and Fallon landed on a goldmine and created the band FML to sing the saddest (and funniest) snippets from this heartbreakingly hilarious website.

Fallon wears a big hat and talks in a low voice, but that doesn’t detract from Urban’s classic vocals and smooth banjo. You might have to watch this one a few times to fully appreciate the hilarity of this simple but chuckle-inducing skit. Neither Fallon or Urban can keep straight faces through the whole set, but their harmonies are on point.

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Keith Urban and Jimmy Fallon Share Countrified ‘FML’ Stories