Keep an Eye on Your Packages, People Stealing in Amazon Shirts
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Keep an Eye on Your Packages, People Dressed Like Amazon Drivers Keep Stealing

We can't have anything around here! We're seeing the slow regression of brick and mortar stores. Naturally, companies incentivize us to order from them online, going through Amazon for maximum savings and efficiency. However, the advantage is starting to wear off when strangers nab our packages off our front porches.

Recently, local police departments inform their communities to be on the watch for those stealing packages from your front door. This isn't a rare occurrence. Countless people desperately prey on homes for deliveries. The end goal is to resell whatever you ordered for a profit. If you don't have a Ring camera on your porch or have an active neighborhood watch, it's low risk, high reward. With the increased emergence of home surveillance, these robbers try a new way to go under the radar. They resort to cosplaying as Amazon workers.

Beware of the Package Thieves

Their method is strikingly simple. Wear an Amazon branded vest to ease any suspicions of an intruder. Then, come up to the door with an empty box and swap it out for the real order the real Amazon worker delivered already.

Unfortunately, that's an incredibly effective scam. The numbers confirm as much too. According to a Forbes study, more than 52% of packages stolen stem from Amazon deliveries. Your regular postal service packages are a close second at 43%, UPS (38%) and FedEx (25%) shortly after.

A company spokesperson finally relents in addressing this new trend. Admittedly, they do sell vests on the site but they only authorize specific parties to purchase them. As a means to prevent unsavory types selling their merchandise, the company routinely checks for unauthorized sales.

Moreover, they assure anyone with packages stolen to get in contact for a solution. "We encourage anyone who's been a victim of theft to report the crime to the police and to notify Amazon Customer Service so we can provide any assistance possible," they say.