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Wait, Is Keanu Reeves Really Going to Make an Appearance on 'Yellowstone'?


Keanu Reeves has made a career starring in action films. From Speed to The Matrix, Reeves has proven to be one of Hollywood's all-time best action stars. But he's not necessarily the first name that comes to mind when you think of westerns. Obviously someone like Kevin Costner tops that list thanks to his film career and current starring role in Yellowstone. Could Reeves have a future cameo on the modern western series? During a press tour for his latest film John Wick: Chapter 4, the actor revealed that he would definitely be open to it.

"I'd love to do a western so yeah, yeah sure," he replied to ET Canada when asked if he'd be interested in a "surprise role" on a show like Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone rumor mill has been buzzing in recent weeks since word on the street was that Kevin Costner could be stepping away from his role as John Dutton due to scheduling conflicts with his upcoming western saga Horizons. Rumors that Matthew McConaughey could be stepping in to star in a western got fans stressed and excited for the future of creator Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone, which already has multiple spinoffs in the works including the Texas-based Four Sixes series as well as the Bass Reeves 1883 spinoff.
Various cast members, including Wes Bentley, who plays Costner's onscreen son Jamie Dutton, have weighed in on the rumors defending his place in the series. Even Costner's lawyer jumped in to calm everyone down with reassurances that John Dutton isn't going anywhere and that rumors that he wasn't willing to film enough days for the second half of season 5 were pure fiction.
The second half of Yellowstone season 5 is set to premiere this summer though it's unclear what the future of the series will hold outside of those additional episodes. It's safe to say that after all of the drama surrounding the series as of late, fans deserve a fun cameo to look forward to. Someone call Taylor Sheridan so we can get Keanu Reeves on set!

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