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5 Times Katy Perry Proved Her Love of Country Music, From Dolly Tributes to Country Co-Writes

Katy Perry is one of the world's biggest pop stars, with several accolades under her belt and numerous No.1 hits. She has pretty much dominated the Billboard charts, and something makes us believe that she is only getting started.

In 2008, the singer's debut single "I Kissed a Girl" skyrocketed to the top, reaching  No.1. She has gone on to release other notorious pop songs that are still getting praised to this day including, "Hot n Cold," "Teenage Dream," "California Gurls," "E.T," "Roar," "Dark Horse" and "Firework."

For the last five years, the singer has been making other singers' dreams come true, being an American Idol judge alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Although Perry is known for being a pop icon, throughout her career she has stated that she admires the country genre, especially after working with Bryan for so long.

After releasing a single with Thomas Rhett, "Where We Started" Perry has repeatedly stated that she was grateful for the track, as it opened her eyes to a new world. She told E! it was her "first time stepping in, dipping my toe into that water, and I love it because it's all about songwriting. It's about telling a story, and I think storytelling is so important in life."

Here are a few other times Perry dipped her toes into the country world.

1. Where We Started - Thomas Rhett ft. Katy Perry

Starting off strong, we have Perry and Thomas Rhett, who collaborated on "Where We Started." We even got a special treat this year during the American Idol finale, after the two singers performed side by side, delivering a flawless performance.

Through her time on Idol, Perry has teased the possible release of a country album, telling Extra, "I might get back a little bit more to my roots with that singer-songwriter side. I spent so much time in Nashville just laying my musical foundation, so I'd love to continue on that path."

Apparently, the singer has been sent numerous country songs but hasn't recorded them, despite some of them turning out to be major hits. She stated, "I have been sent a bajillion country songs — some of them have even been massive country songs — and I was like, 'Should I have done it? No.' This is the one I was meant to start with to cross over into this world."

Speaking about the song in itself and dueting with Rhett, Perry said "The story of this song is really beautiful ... It talks about a relationship and where you started and if you ever have doubts about it, look at how far you have come. I feel that so much, even in my own relationship — it has been a beautiful journey."

2. "Girl Next Door," Jessie James Decker

We all know that Perry is a great singer and songwriter, writing songs for other famous artists around the world. But did you know she actually wrote Jessie James Decker's "Girl Next Door?" The song was co-written by Perry, Ted Bruner and T. Vittetoe for Decker's 2009 debut album and Perry did backing vocals for the song. The pop star also co-wrote "Bullet" with Decker, with the album charting at No. 24 on the Billboard Top 200.

3. Katy Perry & Kacey Musgraves Perform on CMT Crossroads

Joining forces, Kacey Musgraves and Perry performed a total of four songs on CMT Crossroads in 2014: "Merry Go Round,' "Roar," "Here You Come Again" and "Fireworks. Their beautiful rendition of Musgraves' hit single is truly incredible.

These two powerhouses have actually been friends for a while. Perry invited Musgraves her to open for her on her 2014 Prismatic tour — Musgraves' first international pop tour.

4. Katy Perry and Dolly Parton Perform in the ACM Awards

During the 2016 Country Music Awards Dolly Parton and Perry united on the stage for a fantastic performance of Parton's "Coat of Many Colors." Wearing cowboy boots and sparkles, both singers dazzled on stage surprising the crowd with a medley of Parton's "9 to 5" and "Jolene" as a pink neon sign behind them read "Dolly & Katy."

Ahead of the big event, Perry had shared her excitement for the performance, tweeting, "MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. I shall remember though that I am but one sequin on this living legend's costume!" The pop star also presented Parton with an ACM honor, the Tex Ritter Award, for narrating and producing the TV movie Coat of Many Colors, which tells the story of Parton's childhood upbringing.

5. Dolly Parton Tribute

During the 2019 Grammy Awards, Perry, alongside Kacey Musgraves, Miley Cyrus, Maren Morris and Little Big Town, covered some songs as a special gift for the country queen. Parton was named the MusicCares Person Of The Year, with several artists honoring Parton with speeches and performances.

For the special tribute, Musgraves and Perry reunited again, singing "Here You Come Again" while Cyrus sang "Jolene" and "After The Gold Rush," Little Big Town and Morris sang "Red Shoes" and they all gathered together for a wild rendition of Parton's "9 to 5."

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