Song Premiere: Kat Higgins Finds Beauty in Change on 'Gone Let Her Go'

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Even if you don't know the name Kat Higgins yet, there's a good chance some of your favorite country stars do. The Canada-born singer-songwriter, who grew up performing with her family's successful band The Higgins, has penned songs for Carrie Underwood ("Mexico"), Kenny Chesney ("Knowing You") and more.

"Gone Let Her Go," which Wide Open Country is premiering today, is a stunning, breezy tune about finding beauty in change.

"I wrote this two years ago on a trip with some of my favorite writers. James Slater, Madison Kozak, Bobby Hamrick and I wrote it at a place called Wildwood in Granville, Tennessee," Higgins tells Wide Open Country. "The sounds in this song remind me of how that place looked -- green, airy and whimsical. Bobby Hamrick produced this song and played every instrument on it."

Higgins says she hopes the song brings comfort to anyone trying to move on from a past relationship.

"For me, this song is an encouraging way of helping someone embrace change and let go of a past relationship, Higgins continues. "I want people to hear this song and feel comforted and free."

Listen to "She's Gone" below.

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Song Premiere: Kat Higgins Finds Beauty in Change on 'Gone Let Her Go'