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Song Premiere: Karen Jonas Sings a Honky-Tonk Cautionary Tale On 'Ophelia'


Since the release of her 2014 debut album Oklahoma Lottery, Karen Jonas has established herself as one of the best singer-songwriters recording traditional country music. Now, Jonas is reimagining some of her best songs for her upcoming fourth studio album Lucky, Revisited (out on July 19).

"Ophelia," which Wide Open Country is premiering today, finds Jonas imparting some much-needed advice to the tragic Shakespearean character from Hamlet.

"I don't much care for Shakespeare, but I was intrigued by Ophelia's plight," Jonas tells Wide Open Country. "Ophelia falls hard for Hamlet and goes off the deep end when he turns on her. She doesn't seem to have much other purpose as a character. She ends up crazy and drowning in a puddle. The song is a warning to Ophelia and all of us who have had an Ophelia moment, to 'take a deep breath' and see the big picture, and move on before it's too late."

Listen to "Ophelia" below.


The Virginia-based artist says she was inspired to record Lucky, Revisited to capture the energy of a live show and document how her songs have grown and changed in the past five years.

"I was standing at the merch table one night when it occurred to me that none of our records sounds quite like our live show. Guitarist Tim Bray and I have been playing together full-time for over five years. We've played these songs drunk and sober and at 11 am and at midnight and everywhere in between, upwards of 150 times a year. The songs have grown over time and we have too. I wanted to capture our dynamic live show, but with the control of a studio environment," Jonas says. "I hope that our friends and fans enjoy these fresh versions, and appreciate having an album that more closely mirrors what they're used to hearing from us live. For our new listeners, I think this is a great overview of all of our material up to now, a welcome-to-the-club album. There will be plenty of new music to follow!"

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Karen Jonas Tour Dates:

May 16 th - Fredericksburg, Va. -- Kenmore Inn
May 18 th - Fredericksburg, Va. -- 6 Bears & A Goat Brewing Company
May 24 th - Culpeper, Va. -- Old House Vineyards
May 25 th - Purcellville, Va. -- Harpers Ferry Brewing
May 26 th - Midlothian, Va. -- Steam Bell Beer Works
May 30 th - Washington, D.C. -- Union Stage
Sept. 12 th - Knoxville, Tenn. -- Blue Plate Special

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