Kane Brown Shares Update After Sister's Horrific Stabbing

Kane Brown

Kane Brown just shared a significant update on his younger sister, Heidi Swafford. Three weeks ago, the 19-year-old Swafford suffered stab wounds after an altercation in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Brown told People in an interview, "I don't know the full story, but I know she's getting better now. She's recovering. She's texting me." Brown first broke the news of the stabbing three weeks ago on a Facebook post.

More details soon emerged. It turns out, Swafford got into a fight with an unnamed 16-year-old assailant on July 26. The girl pulled a knife on Swafford and stabbed her twice, once in the shoulder and once in the neck.

Swafford is making a full recovery, though initial reports feared she may have long-term nerve damage. "I do know they arrested the girl," Brown continued. "I don't know where they found her."

Tens of thousands of fans shared their support for Brown's sister on social media, and Brown shared his gratitude for their prayers and kind words. The hardest part, he says, was being so far away. "I wanted to turn the bus around and go back, but we had two weeks of shows," says the up-and-coming singer.

Chattanooga Police Department immediately issued a warrant for the girl. They since found her and charged her with attempted second degree murder and aggravated assault. Because she's a minor, the police are withholding additional details.

Kane Brown is currently on the road opening for Florida Georgia Line before headlining his own shows in November. He also just recently released a new single called "Thunder In The Rain."

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Kane Brown Shares Update After Sister's Horrific Stabbing