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Vice President Kamala Harris Shows How to Cook Bacon-Fried Apples

There's a new cook in the White House and she also happens to be the Vice President! On the campaign trail, Kamala Harris visited various supporters in their kitchen and cooked some of her favorite family recipes with them. In one episode of the social media series she stopped into Mindy Kaling's kitchen to make masala dosa, virtually met with senator Mark Warner to make tuna sandwich melts, and Iowa campaign chair Deirdre to make one of her favorite things, bacon fried apples.

Unlike President Joe Biden who doesn't really know his way around the kitchen, Vice President Harris likes to cook for her husband Doug, and friends. In an Instagram post near Thanksgiving, Harris shared on a photo of her American cornbread dressing how cooking makes her happy. "During difficult times I have always turned to cooking," She wrote. "This year, I wanted to share one of my family's favorite Thanksgiving recipes with you. I hope whenever you're able to make it in life, it brings you as much warmth as it has brought me—even when separated from those I love."

How to Make Bacon Fried Apples With VP Kamala Harris

"Bacon is a spice," Harris tells Deirdre as they chop local apples for their delicious brunch recipe. This could also work for family dinner if breakfast for dinner is your type of thing.

First things first, chop your bacon into pieces. Fry it, then remove the bacon, leaving the grease in the pan. Kamala Harris cooks bacon just like me!

Next, add in your chopped apples and sprinkle them with a little bit of nutmeg. There's no set amount, Harris says while giggling, "oh just a little bit!"

The ladies add a little bit of bourbon to the mix and cook the apples until they are tender and cooked through.

Once finished, Harris and Deirdre plate the bacon fried apples on a stack of pancakes and top it with a touch of maple syrup. Now that's how you eat pancakes!

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