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Song Premiere: Kalsey Kulyk Chronicles an Unhappy Relationship on 'Roll With It'


Canadian singer-songwriter Kalsey Kulyk captures the feeling stuck in a doomed relationship on the arresting "Roll With It," the latest release from Kulyk's self titled debut album (out on August 30).

Kulyk says the self-penned song is one of her most candid to date.

"'Roll With It' is one of the most honest songs I've ever written," Kulyk tells Wide Open Country. "It's one I wrote alone, because I couldn't have gotten off my chest what I was feeling if I'd written it with anyone else. It's about being in a relationship you know you don't want to be in, but you're in it because you're just 'rolling with it.'"

Listen to "Roll With It" below.


For Kulyk, finally releasing her debut album is a dream realized.

"If you could picture a child at Disney world for the first time seeing all the excitement in their eyes, that's what it's like for me to be releasing this album," Kulyk says. "I've been working towards this since I was three years old. Literally. I've always known that I wanted to do this -- to be able to connect with people and their emotions on a level that makes them feel like they're not alone. This album is for everyone: if you've ever felt heartbreak, felt love, felt sarcastic or inspired, this one's for you!"

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