Kalsey Kulyk
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Video Premiere: Kalsey Kulyk Celebrates Family Ties in 'More Time'

Canadian singer-songwriter Kalsey Kulyk has been singing since she learned how to talk. After getting her first guitar at the age of 13, she quickly began winning talent competitions. In high school, Kulyk was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and underwent six months of chemotherapy. Kulyk beat cancer and began working with Fleetwood Mac producer Richard Dashut.

Inspired by songwriting legends like John Prine and Dolly Parton and the '90s country of her youth, Kulyk has been writing  new music that captures where she is in her life right now.

Kulyk's video for "More Time," which Wide Open Country is premiering today, gives a personal look at her family life and upbringing. The clip features home videos from her childhood.

"I really have to thank my mom for all the special moments that made 'More Time' hit home a little harder. If it weren't for her, the video wouldn't have turned out as real and honest as I wanted it to be," Kulyk tells Wide Open Country. "The video turned out exactly the way I hoped it would. I wanted it to have the real life footage to give the song more meaning and more relatability. My family has always been super close....So I'm glad we got to incorporate a lot of my childhood memories to make the video as emotional as writing the song was for me."

Watch the video premiere of "More Time" below.

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