Watch Kacey Musgraves and Josh Abbot Crash an Austin Diner With Surprise Performance

Kacey Musgraves proves her awesomeness yet again.

Back in 2011, Texas country artist Josh Abbott released “Oh, Tonight,” a tender duet with a then little-known singer named Kacey Musgraves . In February of that year, local radio station KVET tagged along with Abbott, Musgraves, and fiddler Preston Wait to Freddie’s, a local diner in Austin, to film them playing an impromptu acoustic rendition of their song. Check it out in the video above.

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If you still haven’t heard of the Josh Abbott Band, they have released three albums, the latest of which, Small Town Family Dream, reached No. 5 on the charts back in 2012. They’re a very Texas-proud band, and rightfully so, hailing from Lubbock where they formed at Texas Tech.

However, they’ve never placed a song higher than No. 41 (“Touch”) nationally. A few of the singles they have released have been uptempo but its on their ballads where the Josh Abbott Band really shines.

Musgraves, of course, won Grammys last year for Best Country Song and Best Country Album. She also won the ACM Album of the Year. Which makes this 2011 appearance that much cooler. The only thing that could surpass this is if she continues to give impromptu concerts after having won so much fame.

You can also find Miss Musgraves in the scandalous music video for “Oh, Tonight.” Be on the lookout for a lady-stealing Granger Smith in the video (it’s ok, though, she’s actually Smith’s real-life wife).


The band also has another incredible ballad featuring Charla Corn off their Scapegoat album called “Good Night for Dancing.” And to round out your playlist of heart-wrenchers, check out “Her Eyes Turn Green,” “She’s Like Texas” and “She Will Be Free.”

Thier newest project, the five-song EP, Tuesday Night, features their current single, “Hangin’ Around.”

Apparently, the band has a bit of a history serenading unwitting people. Here they sing to a high school couple they caught making out.


So what does this all add up to? 1. You should listen to the Josh Abbott Band. Especially their ballads. 2. You should listen to more Kacey Musgraves. But you already knew that. 3. You should eat at Freddie’s. After all, you never know who may stop by.

Oh, and watch out for that Granger Smith.

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Watch Kacey Musgraves and Josh Abbot Crash an Austin Diner With Surprise Performance