Kacey Musgraves Is Desiging Her Own (Very) Unique Boot Line

Kacey Musgraves has been busy promoting her record-breaking sophomore release, Pageant Material; but that hasn't stopped the country artist from taking on a brand new new project.

Musgraves is designing a custom boot line for Lucchese, a high-end boot company based out of Nashville, Tenn. Musgraves wants to put her own personal spin on the boots, which means adding a little extra detail you may not expect. She's working with the company to design a pair of boots that light up.

"I think it's going to be all white and a short boot like I wear, but have lights scattered all over," Musgraves told The Tennessean. "We're trying to get the electronic part figured out right now. It's kind of complicated, and I don't want them to be unaffordable. But you gotta make them work, too."

Musgraves says so far she's designed one pair of boots that features an arrow and a Mexican blanket.

"It's been really fun to use my brain in other ways creatively than just music," she explained. Her new line of boots are set to hit stores by the end of the year.

Musgraves is currently gearing up for her Kacey Musgraves Country & Western Rhinestone Revue, which kicks off Aug. 27 in Atlanta. For ticket information and a full list of tour dates, visit Musgraves' official website.

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Kacey Musgraves Is Desiging Her Own (Very) Unique Boot Line