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Hear Kacey Musgraves and The Brummies' Ethereal Tune 'Drive Away'


Kacey Musgraves' conquering of new creative ground continues beyond Golden Hour, as heard on her new collaboration with rootsy rockers the Brummies.

The song is called "Drive Away," and it's an odd yet appealing blend of pop-inspired indie rock and way-out psychedelia. Such a description also applies to a lot of Musgraves' more recent material, so she sounds right at home as a guest vocalist.

"I was dialing in drum sounds on a 4-track, and this melody came to me. I wanted to explore it more, and it took on a life of its own," band member Jacob Bryant told Billboard. "Once the demo was complete, I sent it over to Kacey to see if she would like to sing on it and the rest is history."


Bryant and John Davidson co-wrote The Band Perry's 2013 hit "Done" and were part of Musgraves' Same Trailer, Different Park Tour the following year as the duo John & Jacob. The pair later added Trevor Davis to the mix, allowing the creative wiggle room needed to craft such an ethereal soundscape. At this point, the trio sounds more like weird indie rock than rocking Americana, although the wise choice to bring Musgraves on board should win over some from the latter fan base.

The track appears on the album Eternal Reach, which dropped on April 6. It's an eclectic mix of sounds, ranging from the '70s rock and dance music mish-mash "Songbird" to acid-washed blues rocker "Set You Free."

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