K-9 Rescues Mississippi Deputy Under Attack

A heroic police dog jumped into action and saved the life of a deputy who was being brutally attacked by three men.

Mississippi police are searching for three suspects after a Hancock County Sheriff's Department deputy was saved by his K9 partner during a vicious attack.

According to the Clarion-Ledger, deputy Todd Frazier was investigating a suspicious vehicle at a rest stop when he was surrounded and attacked by three individuals. The group began to beat and cut Frazier with a box cutter, and told him they were going to slit his throat and drag him into the nearby woods.

Although he was already severely injured, Frazier was able to hit the button that released Lucas the Belgian Malinois from the patrol car. Before the group could drag Frazier into the woods, Lucas bit at least one of the suspects so severely that the dog was covered in blood when police came to the scene.

The suspects fled in their Lincoln Town Car, possibly crossing state lines into Louisiana. Frazier was treated for his injuries and released, while Lucas escaped the incident unharmed. Police credit Lucas for saving Frazier's life by jumping into action. It was also lucky for Frazier that his patrol car was equipped with the emergency release button, as only half of the county's mobile K9 units have the buttons installed.

Police are still searching for the suspects, and ask anyone who has information on the incident to contact the Hancock County Sheriff's Department at (228) 255-9191.

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K-9 Rescues Mississippi Deputy Under Attack