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Video Premiere: Justin Wells Celebrates the Wonder of the Human Experience on 'The Screaming Song'


Kentucky-based singer-songwriter Justin Wells explores humanity and everything that comes with it on his forthcoming album The United State. The record tracks the human experience from birth to death, capturing formative moments. Fittingly, debut single "The Screaming Song" centers on the beauty of birth.

"The most beautiful sight I've never seen/ This short life so far has been like a dream," Wells sings. "I hear the screaming song/ 'til the meaning is gone/ And it won't be the last time I am on my own."

The song's video, which Wide Open Country is premiering today, captures the resiliency and ubreakable spirit of humanity.

"'The Screaming Song' is about birth, and all that joy and wonder and fear that accompanies it," Wells tells Wide Open Country. "Casey Pierce did a fantastic job of conveying all of that in imagery that we, as grown human beings, understand and relate to, while assembling it in a context that seems esoteric: we don't see the why, we see the what. Beauty without context."


Watch the video for "The Screaming Song" below.

The United State is the follow-up to Wells' debut album Dawn In The Distance.

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