Justin Timberlake Featured on Little Big Town's New Track, 'C'mon'

Instagram/Justin Timberlake

Earlier this year, country fans began collectively freaking out when Little Big Town shared a photo on their Instagram page which showed the group in the studio with Justin Timberlake. Now, it looks like that unexpected collaboration has resulted in a song that will be featured on the group's upcoming album.

Wanderlust, due out June 10, will include a new song called "C'mon," which features backing vocals from Timberlake. The group told ET that the collaboration happened organically while the group was hanging out during their individual recording sessions.

"We were in the same studio at the same time. So we had Justin in one room. Little Big Town in another room," said Pharrell Williams, the R&B artist who produced the group's new record. "Quite naturally, people are going to visit each other and Justin ended up singing on one of the songs."

"It was like the old days when artists used to hang out in the studio and you might hop in and listen to somebody's song," vocalist Karen Fairchild added. "He came down and listened to what we were doing. He was like, 'Oh my gosh, what if I sang this?'"

And so, the rest is history. Fans will be able to put "C'mon" on repeat when Little Big Town's new album comes out later this week.

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Justin Timberlake Featured on Little Big Town's New Track, 'C'mon'