Justin Moore Somebody Else Will
Screengrab via YouTube

Justin Moore Looks for Love Under the Neon in 'Somebody Else Will' Video

Justin Moore goes after the girl of his dreams in the new music video for "Somebody Else Will."

It all begins with a thunder clap before lightening brightens the sky. There's something special about southern storms, and this one starts the video off with a down home feel. "Somebody Else Will" features Justin Moore and his characteristic cowboy hat mixed with glimpses into a bar where the whole story unfolds.

It's all about taking chances. Moore taps into the discomfort of every guy who is enamored by a showstopping beauty. Try and buy her a drink, try and get to know her. Ask her to dance, because if you don't someone else will.

One of the best things about the music video is that the story line doesn't take away from the song. Instead, Moore's voice is allowed to shine and enhance the mood of the video.

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"Somebody Else Will" is the latest single off of Moore's fourth studio album, Kinda Don't Care. His previous single "You Look Like I Need A Drink" hit number one on the charts, but it won't be long before his follow-up track gets the same kind of notoriety.

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