Justin Moore Gets a Makeover From His Daughters

Twitter/Justin Moore

Who new Justin Moore could look so good?

The "You Look Like I Need A Drink" singer took a bit of time off this holiday season to spend with his growing family. Moore and his wife Kate have three daughters, Ella, Kennedy and Rebecca (Klein).

Moore recently shared a photo on Twitter off him getting a makeover from his two daughters. In the pic, he's sporting a new hairdo, accessorized with multi-color hair bows, headbands and ribbon.

Moore's time in the beauty chair will soon come to an end, as he is set to hit the road again in a couple of weeks. He'll have his hands full with lots of projects this coming year.

Moore recently purchased land from his grandfather to begin building his forever home in Poyen, Ark. where he grew up. Although he plans on leaving the interior decorating to his wife, he did tell ABC News Radio that he had one request of his new home.

"We're gonna do a bar in it. Like, a real bar that'll have eight or 10 stools and taps and big screens all over the place."

On top of that sports bar, Moore may want to make sure his new house has room for a hair salon. We have a feeling there may be a lot more makeovers in his future.

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Justin Moore Gets a Makeover From His Daughters