Justin Moore Announces New Album, 'Kinda Don't Care'

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Justin Moore is following up the success of his single "You Look Like I Need a Drink" with a brand new album.

Kinda Don't Care, Moore's fourth studio album, is set to hit stores on August 12. The record features a collaboration with Brantley Gilbert, and eleven other tracks that were penned by some of country music's best songwriters. Moore says this album is one of the best and most thought-out releases of his career.

"The process has changed, drastically, since our first time in the studio so many years ago," Moore said in a press release. "This is the best piece of music we've delivered because it gets more fun each time. Naming the album Kinda Don't Care is not meant to be nonchalant or careless. It's meant to be a challenge to folks to live life a little more freely and be true to themselves."

Justin Moore's Kinda Don't Care Track Listing: 

  1. "Robbin' Trains" (Brett Beavers, Deric Ruttan, Josh Thompson)
  2. "Put Me in a Box" (Erik Dylan, Randy Montana)
  3. "Kinda Don't Care" (Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman, Ben Hayslip)
  4. "Hell on a Highway" (Blake Bollinger, Matt Rogers, Ben Stennis)
  5. "Goodbye Back" (Justin Moore, Ross Copperman, Jeremy Stover)
  6. "You Look Like I Need a Drink" (Rodney Clawson, Matt Dragstrem, Natalie Hemby)
  7. "Somebody Else Will" (Kelly Archer, Adam Hambrick, Tebey Ottoh)
  8. "Between You and Me" (Smith Ahnquist, Pavel Dovgaluk, CJ Solar)
  9. "Got it Good" (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Jeremy Stover)
  10. "Rebel Kids" (Dan Isbell, Randy Montana)
  11. "More Middle Fingers" featuring Brantley Gilbert (Casey Beathard, Monty Criswell, Shane Minor)
  12. "Life in the Livin'" (Travis Denning, Jared Mullins, Chris Stevens)

Deluxe Tracks: 

  1. "Middle Class Money" (Rhett Akins, Marv Green, Ben Hayslip)
  2. "Pick Up Lines" (Corey Crowder, Travis Denning, Jared Mullins)
  3. "Spendin' The Night" (Kelly Archer, Andrew DeRoberts, Adam Hambrick)
  4. "When I Get Home" (Justin Moore, Dean Dillon, Jeremy Stover)
  5. "Amen" (Rodney Clawson, Jamie Moore)

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Justin Moore Announces New Album, 'Kinda Don't Care'