Song Premiere: Justin Klump's Hopeful 'The Other Side'

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Some of the best songs come from real life struggles, and Nashville-based singer-songwriter Justin Klump's arresting "The Other Side" is no different. The pop-infused Americana tune is a vow to stand beside someone no matter where life leads you.

"I'll keep holding on to you, darlin'/ We don't, we don't know what we're starting," Klump sings. "Plans change/ We're gonna have to see this through/ It's not the first time/ I'm not letting go of you/ We'll get on the other side of this too"

Klump says he was inspired to write the song after watching his friend go through a serious health scare.

"This last summer, I was asked to sing my song 'Sticks & Stones' in the pre-op room for a friend before he underwent brain surgery. While in the room, I was heartened to see the way he and his wife were sources of support and strength for one another in the midst of what I'm certain was a very scary and difficult morning. When I got back to my parent's house after leaving the hospital, I was inspired by what I had just witnessed so I sat down at the piano and started writing," Klump tells Wide Open Country. "I finished 'The Other Side' a couple hours later. This song is about trusting, and holding on to the people you love even when you don't know what's next."

Listen to "The Other Side" below.

For more information on Justin Klump, visit his official website.

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Song Premiere: Justin Klump's Hopeful 'The Other Side'