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Jungle Jim's: This Part Theme Park Part Grocer is the Largest in the US

Move over, Trader Joe's. In Ohio, Jungle Jim's is king. Jungle Jim's International Market, previously known as Jungle Jim's Farmer's Market, is a large supermarket in Fairfield, Ohio. Not to be confused with Jungle Jim's Waterpark, this grocery store has thousands of testimonials from new customers and old customers alike, making it great for the whole family. If you've never been, allow us to explain the wonders of this grocery store to you, because really, it's so much more than a grocery store.

What is Jungle Jim's?

Jungle Jims started as a roadside produce stand, according to the website. It was founded by "Jungle" Jim Bonaminio.

Today, it has over 180,000 items, about 60,000 of which are international items. Just to give you an idea of how big the main location is, it has over 300,000 square feet (or 6½ acres) of floor space. Wow!

What Can You Buy There?

The Jungle has a fresh produce department, an international department, a specialty foods department, a natural foods and supplements department, and one of the largest wine collections in the United States.

The tourist attraction also features a cigar department and an American grocery department.

Are There Other Things Besides Groceries There?

This is absolutely more than just a grocery store. It also has the Oscar Event Center, the Oscar Station, a cooking school, a venue called Paradise Pavilion with a smoke-friendly, open-air bar and lounge, and the Jungle Experience Center, which the website says has "beer and wine tasting events, seminars, micro-festivals," and more.

There's so much to do, see, and buy at this grocery store, it's sometimes called a theme park of food! It also sort of resembles an amusement park, with its animatronic displays like a lion that sings Elvis Presley songs.

Is There More Than One Jungle Jim's Location?

While the Fairfield location is the original Jungle Jim's, there is also a second location. It's somehow bigger than the first location and located in Eastgate in the Greater Cincinnati area.

"It's bursting with fun decor and wacky displays like the high-flying Hot Sauce Drone, along with killer departments, like the Candy Castle and one of Ohio's largest liquor stores," the website boasts of the second grocer venue.

If you're a foodie and in the Cincinnati part of Ohio, head to Jungle Jim's for international food, fun, and an experience you won't soon forget.