Joshua Scott Jones Stands Up for Former Bandmate Meghan Linsey in Sexual Assault Claim

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Meghan Linsey's former partner, Joshua Scott Jones, took to Twitter to support her in a recent sexual assault claim. Jones also named names, pointing his finger at a Live Nation executive as the culprit.

Jones and Linsey competed on CMT's Can You Duet as Steel Magnolia and landed an eventual label deal with Big Machine Records. The pair also planned to marry.

Linsey recently shared a story of being sexual assaulted while touring as Steel Magnolia. She claimed a very important person in the industry reached up her dress while on the tour bus. He also later threatened Linsey, saying he could leave her in the middle of the ocean on one of his boats.

Jones referenced those accusations after a tweet set him off. Big Machine label head Scott Borchetta tweeted this quote about not "losing your edge."

Jones replied, "Well this is f***cking irony." He then expanded that though with several tweets.

In Linsey's story, the head of their label at the time (supposedly Borchetta) also told her not to tell anybody of the assault on the bus. For his part, Borchetta denied via a statement that it ever happened. He told Fox, "Meghan Linsey is a highly regarded former member of the Big Machine Label Group and we would never condone, let alone silence an artist on this label who experienced this kind of behavior."

But Jones seems to corroborate Linsey's account. In fact, he names Live Nation president of country Brian O'Connell as the assaulter. Jones also mentioned their manager Virginia Davis, who alleged also told Linsey to keep it quiet.

O'Connell is in charge of some major tours and festivals. So when Borchetta and Davis allegedly told Linsey to shut up if they wanted a career, it makes sense.

Shortly after, Jones added the following tweets:

That's the end of the story so far, but we're sure there will be more developments.

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Joshua Scott Jones Stands Up for Former Bandmate Meghan Linsey in Sexual Assault Claim