I Never (Shed a Tear)
YouTube/Joshua Hedley

Watch Joshua Hedley's Wistful New Video for 'I Never (Shed a Tear)'



Ahead of the release of his new album, Mr. Jukebox (on April 20 on Third Man Records) Joshua Hedley has released a simple yet stylistic and captivating new video for his single "I Never (Shed a Tear)."

The video takes place in a dim Chinese restaurant where Hedley is inspecting several fortunes torn from cookies, looking for something to ring true and heal his broken heart. But through the song, he makes use of denial to try to assert that he was never head over heels in love. Though he admits that he knows he's lying to himself: "That the truth is, this is how I make it through."

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Classic country fans will immediately feel drawn in to Hedley's sound. In a statement, Hedley said that he doesn't feel like he's a throwback to the old country classics because classic never goes out of style. "I just want people to remember they have feelings, and that they're valid. Not everything is Coors Light and tailgates," Hedley stressed. "There are other aspects of life that aren't so great that people experience. They're part of life, part of what shapes people."

"I Never (Shed a Tear)" Lyrics:

We never were in love
There never were stars above
On the night when I never said "I do"
You never wore my ring
And you never meant a thing
And I never shed a tear for you

It's not hard to realize
When you look into my eyes
That the truth is, this is how I make it through
You never broke my heart
And I never fell apart
And I never shed a tear for you

If I really love you so
Then everyone would know
That inside, this is tearing me in two
You never broke my pride
And I never died inside
And I never shed a tear for you


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