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Joshua Hedley Turns Back The Clock With 'I Never (Shed a Tear)'


Timeless breakup song lyrics and a chorale of backup singers accentuate "I Never (Shed a Tear)," the latest digital single from Joshua Hedley's forthcoming album Mr. Jukebox, out April 20 on Third Man Records.

As usual, Hedley's sweet, smooth vocal delivery sets his song apart from a lot of other recent attempts to recapture country music's past. Whether the lyrics show a scorned lover's denial or are an honest statement by a liar caught in the act, they're surprisingly cold-hearted words for such a lovely song.

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The album title comes from a nickname Hedley earned for his ability to cover seemingly any old country song on stage. He sharpened this talent over the years as an active musician in Nashville, preparing him for further exposure as a talented young singer and songwriter. With the pipes to sing like Jim Reeves, Eddie Arnold and other crooners, Hedley's growing catalog of original material points back to a sometimes overlooked element of '60s country.

"I Never (Shed a Tear)"

We never were in love
There never were stars above
On the night when I never said "I do"
You never wore my ring
And you never meant a thing
And I never shed a tear for you

It's not hard to realize
When you look into my eyes
That the truth is, this is how I make it through
You never broke my heart
And I never fell apart
And I never shed a tear for you

If I really love you so
Then everyone would know
That inside, this is tearing me in two
You never broke my pride
And I never died inside
And I never shed a tear for you



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